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100 Plots Batch

€ 250.00 EUR
€ 250.00 EUR
Pool plots supported. Add your contract details during the checkout. 100 plots delivered within 96 or 24 hours. The completed plots will be delivered via download link/s as soon as they become available. After the link delivery, you have 4 days to download all your plots before the links expire. Once downloaded, you can start farming your plots using the Chia harvester on your own personal computer or server. *NOTE: Please make sure you have sufficient internet speed to download all your plots within the validity period! We can extend your link validity period by 1-2 days if needed, but if you need more than that, we have to charge €0.50 per plot for each extra day. We do not issue refunds due to problems caused by your own bandwidth/hardware limitations. We never cap your download speed.*
Size of one plot
108.9 GB

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