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Introducing ChiaPlot.Cloud 2.0

Introducing ChiaPlot.Cloud 2.0

First of all, thank you for your trust and fervent support in the past 2 weeks!

We're now at 2PB/day plotting capacity, and with maturity in plotting comes maturity in User Experience

We've listened to your feedback and will launch a completely new customer experience in the coming days!

New customer experience 2.0

  • Transparent, simple, clean customer dashboard -> no more confusing counting of links
  • Always up-to-date overview of your order status -> never lose track or manually counting of plots received or farmed
  • Automatic email updates on your ready-to-download plots -> never lose time, no more back and forth email, no more timezone affected deliveries, no more super long email threads
  • User friendly functions for managing downloads -> no more dragging, copying and pasting, 1-click and its ready to be consumed by our recommended download manager
Our new customer dashboard gives you a completely new self-service experience

Let us know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated at

Thank you again for your support and we aim to exceed your expectations!

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