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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start mining Chia?

1. Download Chia Blockchain
You can go to the official to download the latest Chia Blockchain client, latest version is currently: 1.1.6 (as of 21st of May). For Windows download here, for MacOS download here. Check out the official page on github for more instructions.
2. Install, launch and create your wallet
In this step you would create your new private key. For security please make sure you note down the 24 words given in the setup process, and save them in a secured place (ideally also save an offline copy).
3. Find receive address
In the "Wallets" section, find where it says receive address. You will need this if you want to receive any Chia to this wallet (e.g. payouts from purchased plots/pools). The receive address is safe to share and is meant to be public.
4. Sync your wallet
Give it some time to sync your wallet and the Chia Blockchain, this could take a couple of hours to a day depending on your internet speed.
5. Get plots
In order to farm Chia coins, you will need Chia plots. Each plot is about 108 GB. You could get these plot files by purchasing or plotting yourself. With an average home setup you should be able to at least generate 1 plot every 12 hours. With us however, you could get as many plots within the same timeframe, the only limit is how fast you can download and how much storage space you have.
6. Import and farm plots!
Once you get your hands on at least 1 plot file, you can import the plot file into your Chia client and start farming! Looking at the current netspace growth, we recommend to start farming as many plots as you could from the beginning, ideally also at the same time increasing your farm size at the same rate as the netspace growth (7-10% per day).

Secure and Safe

In order to plot for you, we ask for your Farmer and Pool public keys when you place an order. Your plots are made specifically with your public keys, without your private keys they cannot be farmed. That is why you don't have to worry about us farming your plots even though we have your files.

We also check all the plots when they're completed. After downloading, you can either go straight into farming or a plots check process to verify your purchased plots.

In Windows:
1. Press windows key, type “cmd“ and press enter to open the command window.
2. Write “cd C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.6\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon“ Changing “User“ for your Windows user name and “C:“ or “1.1.6″ if you installed chia in a different drive or you have a different version of Chia client. Press enter.
3. Write “chia.exe plots check“ and press enter.

Fast and Reliable

Support Frequency
9am - 12am CET everyday
Max. Download Speed
150 Gbps
Maximum Capacity
8 PB / day
Average Fulfilment
10-12 hours per order
Server Location
US Central, Europe Central
Reach out to our friendly team for if you have any questions about the product.
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Simple and Trusted

We support the most popular payment methods, all provide best-in-class customer protection.
We also accept payments in Cryptocurrencies, at the moment BTC, ETH, DOGE and of course XCH. If you would like to order and want to pay via crypto, please email and we will process your order manually.

Refund policy: We do not issue refunds.
If there is a problem with your download, we will make sure you get the plots you ordered ASAP.

Unlock your Chia farm’s potential.

Get plots today, start farming at scale tomorrow.
“Exceptional service and excellent customer support!”

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