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Pool Plots made in the Cloud:
as many as you want, as fast as you can download.
Making plots in the cloud, powered by

2h delivery

Average delivery time, across all orders: because we know it's urgent.

150 Gbit/s+ down

We use Amazon AWS's network to deliver plots at whatever speed you can download.

8 PB / day

Cloud computing allows us to plot at massive scale. You need plots? We can make a lot.
“I am so grateful for all the assistance has provided and will start telling people about it as soon as possible.”
- Mark, Australian CHIA Farmer

Buying plots from us is easy

You Order
Place your order through our secure shop powered by Paypal and Stripe. We'll ask you for your public farmer and pool key during the check out.
We Plot
We automatically spin up the servers & disks for you. Track the progress via our dashboard. We'll also let you know when your plots are ready for download.
You Download & Farm
Download the plots using our cloud providers global distribution network, add them to your harvester.
Happy Farming :-)

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made in the Cloud.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?
Tell us how many plots you want and we will send you a download link as soon as they are generated. No extra equipment or complex setup necessary.
Plotting for you is secure since we only need your public keys.
Where do I enter my public keys?
In the checkout process (towards the end) we will ask you for your public farmer and pool keys. Please do not ever send anyone your private keys. If you distribute these private keys, anyone can use your wallet to send transactions.
How do I know this is not a scam?
We're a fully established company (see legal) based out of Munich, Germany. Our shop is secure, and powered by PayPal and Stripe. Most of our customers start with ordering just 1 plot to test the service first, then switch to ordering in batches.
How do I know you don't farm my plots?
Plots are made specifically with your public keys. Without your private keys they cannot be farmed. That is why you don't have to worry about us farming your plots even though we have your files.

Plotting in the cloud is the fastest way to scale up your farm.

per plot on average, including
German VAT where applicable
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